Iran, so far as I know, has not broken the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Under this treaty it is allowed to produce nuclear energy for civil use, so threats of bombing its nuclear facilities are akin to threats of terrorism. Talk of actually bombing another country is much more action-specific than mere bombastic rhetoric.
Israel is already pretty much hated around the world because of its brutal treatment of the Palestinians. This brutality by the Jewish state is the main reason for the increase in antisemitism worldwide, yet it is a fact which continues to be deliberately sidestepped by the US, the UK and a few others. No amount of political obfuscation and media fluffery, however, can alter this fact. Israel is seen as an aggressive runt with a huge chip on its shoulder. Could its social status get any worse?
Well, if the Israelis now attack Iran, which poses them no primary threat AT ALL either now or in the foreseeable future, then their humanitarian currency in the World's eyes will depreciate even further. And dropping down into the realms of 'minus' will be a drop into a very deep, dark hole indeed. They will retain a small clique of followers of course, but 'gang' status is not exactly what Israel's citizens would want I'm sure.
If an attack is launched on Iran then any fool can see that the situation will not end there. Bullies cannot just launch attacks on a personal whim as and when it suits them without sooner or later getting some sort of comeuppance. Who knows what might evolve from any knew conflict scenario. But whatever it is, it will have been started because some little twerp of a state wants to throw its American-backed muscle about.