'Netanyahu is a liar', France's Nicolas Sarcozy told Obama last year. In fact, the whole Israeli regime tells lies in one way or another about its behaviour and motives. Shimon Peres, another Israeli bigwig, says that Iran is an evil and corrupt regime and "an affront to human dignity". Well now, he should know all about affronting human dignity, given what his own regime is doing in Palestine. That good old 'weapons of mass destruction' lie is being peddled furiously by Israel now, only this time the weapons aren't actually built yet. But Iran has the blueprint for them we're told, and when it finally gets them it will seek to destroy Israel AND THE WORLD AND THE UNIVERSE!!! 
Madness, utter madness. If any nation is about to set about worldwide destruction it is Israel itself. There is one big problem with its 'annihilation' story, and it is this. Iran sympathises with the Palestinians, objecting to the way Israel occupies their land and bulldozes their homes to make space for more settlements. The Israelis are entrenched right in amongst the Palestinians they are repressing. So why would Iran attack Israel? The Jewish state, through its continual takeover, has actually merged with Palestinian communities, not in any friendly way either. Consequently, if Iran fired any nuclear missiles (or anything else) at Israel it would be killing Palestinians too. Herein is the great lie about Iranian intentions. For Israel has a very convenient human shield: the Palestinians.